Yesterday I started this blog. I was so excited to be sharing and doing something in life that might bring me inspiration and a little bit of joy. Have you ever been so excited about something and then have someone or something totally take the wind out of your sails? It’s frustrating isn’t it? So yesterday I messed around with Word press and got this blog thing started. I basically wrote a prologue of my life (as my daughter called it) and posted it. I was very excited about it. Again, not sure why as I wasn’t sure why I was writing it. My husband, who doesn’t do social media at all, wasn’t aware I had done this blog because he didn’t see the post all over my Facebook page. So I told him when he got home from work. His question was “why”? I said simply because I wanted to and why not. I’ll admit my family’s reaction took a bit of my wind out of my sails, but I half expected it so it was cool. My daughter said It was too long and was like a prologue (that wasn’t surprising to me because basically if anything is longer than a short paragraph she likely doesn’t read it). I smiled and moved on.  I texted my new blog website to my  husband so he could go online and read it.  I immediately regretted doing that, because I had posted a picture on my site of him and my daughter and without going into detail (for his protection) he said he wanted me to take the photo down. Bam! Wind completely out of my sails.  I was hurt by that. Maybe I shouldn’t have been, as he explained his reasoning and while I might disagree somewhat with it, I did understand where he was coming from. But still, I half way thought “can’t my family just be happy for me, even just for a little bit before criticizing something I was proud of doing? ” So, here is my point, I am not posting this to rag on my family for their reaction. I’m really not. As my husband pointed out, “are you sure you want to do this because you realize the public could not like what you have to post and then you will get haters.” Obviously I was aware of this and wasn’t worried about it. So if that is the case, why did my Husband’s reaction bother me? If I truly don’t care what people think then why did the wind get knocked out of my sails so fast? Here is the answer, that which I’ve always known of course but sometimes need to be reminded of, I don’t care what strangers think but I do care what my close family thinks. Mainly my husband and my daughter who are my whole world. So when they don’t like something I’ve done or are critical of something, that is when my sailing gets bumpy and I enter choppy and unforgiving waters. Great start to my blogging right? Day 2 and already bumpy, but I expect some bumps along the way, I just have to remember that no one can take the wind from my sails unless I let them, or rather the wind can throw me around but I control my sailing.  I admit this is hard for me because historically the only opinion I care about, aside from my own, is my family’s. So I should expect that and I should know how to react better to it by now, I should be able to adjust my sails.  What can I say, everyone has an Achilles heel, now you all know what mine is. It’s my family, fortunately for me, the general public can’t use that against me. Only my husband can!  So here is the point, when you feel the wind either dying down or blowing to hard, adjust your sails. You can’t adjust the wind, but you can adjust your sails. The moral of the story is, you can’t control other people, but you can control your reaction to them. Even when it’s your family.

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